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Form a new specialist help of modern technology and the desire of students to be part of a successful business. The development of the Internet provides unlimited opportunities for training and employment of young specialists. Work for students One of these solutions may be to attract businesses to work with students stands thematic exhibitions Internet Expo-Pages.com. Enterprises of different sectors participating in the thematic online fairs can start training for your company instructing the student to work with the stand of the company. The student an opportunity to dialogue with industry representatives. In the process of updating of the information provided at the booth: news, photo and video materials about the company’s products, as well as creating folders, answering questions visitors, preparing additional materials for the booth, the student receives a well-trained and delves into the work of the enterprise. The student, working with a stand and change the company adds the following information: – Business Card Company – Visiting employees (who to contact in the company) – Company Profile and activities – Publishing news and special offers – Accommodation photo products, equipment, manufacturing – Show Video companies, materials, manufacturing – Preparation and loading of contracts and documents (for download by visitors) – Free advertising companies on its own stand in the process of work, he receives the following reports: statistics for the analysis of interest to visitors to the booth and products of the enterprise for further discussion with company representatives and management: – Business cards of visitors – Interest in the booth in the form of numbers and graphs on areas – visitors’ geography – Transitions from sites on the stand – Jumps from Search Engines – What search phrases visitor to the stand – the last 100 visitors and their interest – All visitors to the stand and reviewed their materials – business cards download documents – What documents have been downloaded on the stand, etc.

One example of interaction with students is the company ‘Armada Climate’ (). Area: Supply and Wholesale supplies for installation of air conditioning, insulation and ventilation systems. The company’s stand: Exhibitors: Metal.Expo-Pages.com The organizers have helped in the search for Responsible Manager to work with a stand, which is one of the Russian students. Lack of cooperation the new employee with the company, is updating the information booth, achieved positive trends in advancement of the company and advanced training a new employee. The student does not have to be distracted from the lessons.

At a convenient time, he earns extra money and preparing yourself to work with the company after completing his studies at the university. Specialist, when it is formed gradually, delving into the problems the company is really ready to work and it is a valuable employee. Such interaction between business and the student could be an example for Russian companies address social and economic problems, increased levels of training and knowledge of students. Trade Fair Organizer Expo-Pages.com free consults and teaches students how to present information, how to work with a stand, how to interact with visitors. The strategic goal is business involvement in socially relevant projects of the state. You can significantly increase the efficiency of enterprises of all sectors of economy at the expense of proper training and the creation of mechanisms for the transfer of knowledge and experience.

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