Landscape Design Project

In these cases, developers do offer discounts, but it is less a concern for buyers, and the desire to quickly sell the 'sticker'. Despite the general decline in the number of gifts of real estate developers is planning to spend holiday promotion. Potential investors willing to buy a house in the suburbs, they promise a fence as a gift, or to develop additional weave Landscape Design Project. Bonuses, of course, quite useful, but most clients are real estate companies still prefer the more substantial arguments, for example, special conditions for making full payment on the day contract or an interest-free installments for up to one year. Some developers have carefully analyze the demands of the market and go to meet potential buyers. Note that they act correctly. Gifts and discounts – this is the best way to express yourself, do everything to make people want to buy a plot was in the company. The most important thing in this case – not to go too far, and something happens to the situation, as with an American developer, promised to get a tattoo every client who chooses to buy a house.

The first time the proposal was seen as a joke, but then there were people who decided that it's insulting. As a result – the protest, losses and bad advertising. In our country, New Year's sale of sites is likely to pass without much oscillation. As mentioned above, the unit will give the company discounts, and even those confined to a little surprise. A pity! Sometimes you want to feel like a customer of a famous foreign company, which promised to give every new owner of the house sports car! But, apparently, is not destiny, so too different approach to doing business in foreign and domestic developers.

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