So many are asking: What is an apostille and why do you need? And in some cases, a legalization and what is it? Let's face it. As written in Wikipedia, the apostille is a special character, which appears on the documents emanating from non-commercial institutions and countries participating in the Hague kontsentsii 1961. The text of the convention itself is not so important, just remember that it cancels the complicated process of legalization of documents replacing it with a check in the authorized body and the stamp issue the certificate. What is the Apostille stamp can be viewed in the same place – on Wikipedia. Now the details.

If you explain your own words and some generalized Apostille – it stamp, which gives legal effect to your document on the territory of the country that has signed this same convention. List of countries you can look at this link. Russia became a country party to the Hague Convention in 1992 as the successor to the USSR. Depending on how your body has been issued a document depends on who and where you will be stamped apostille. Most often, of course, it is the Ministry of Justice as the Russian and territorial. Rare – Ministry of Defence, the Federal Archival Agency of Russia, authorities registrar.

Sometimes you need certificates issued in other bodies and agencies of the Russian Federation, for example, the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor General's Office. But in this case should be accurately find out whether this is valid or not apostille. This is due to the fact that the continuity of these bodies in question. In such cases it is better to apply for Apostille in Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, after calling back and see whether in Your document apostille. Since 2009, the state duty for the apostille is 1500 (one thousand five hundred) rubles and spelled it in the Tax Code of the country. And, if you are applying for an Apostille on behalf of any municipality, then the payment of the registration fee you are exempt. Read more …

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