Legs-Feet – Functionality And Beauty

Legs and feet – a constructive piece of furniture we produce furniture support – the feet of various types are produced using high-strength materials: steel, aluminum or heavy-duty plastic. Our support-legs are equipped with common household and outdoor tables and podstolya for cafes and bars. Visit Nicholas Carr for more clarity on the issue. Props for office furniture, T-, L-shaped, as well as the support-leg for cabinets, closets. Our T-shaped supports, produced in different versions – a new generation of support for office furniture and Russian production, which appeared in our market not so long ago, and increasingly attracts attention with its elegance and practicality. Metal furniture legs are made of aluminum and steel.

Developed a special aluminum profile for T-obaraznyh supports. We also offer furniture telescopic support. Such furniture legs are height adjustable, allowing use of telescopic Furniture support for kindergartens and schools. L-shaped furniture support or support from a single steel plate can also serve as a basis for the original podstolya. Appeared for sale also X-shaped podstolya for office tables. In addition, we offer a large selection podstolev furniture in cafes and restaurants.

Our podstolya furniture to bars, restaurants meet the most demanding requirements. Multifunctional furniture support from LLC Largus Plus' play a significant role in the convenience and ergonomics of furniture, and reasonable prices make our podstolya accessible to all. We offer cost-effective podstolya for private entrepreneurs, reliable, stylish and Universal podstolya for large networks, refined models podstolev for expensive unique restaurants. We can also offer you other furniture accessories, frames for beds, which as well as furniture support, are the products of our own production and are of high quality. The ever-changing fashion makes us produce more and more new kinds of supports and podstolev such as T-shaped feet of perforated steel, solid base that simulates a tree, but made of aluminum, which is particularly suitable in the executive office, bearing with grooves, which allows insertion of any color to apply under the sink, and many other supports. Furniture support – foot – the basis of the style of your furniture. Tel.: (499) 502 Dec. 23, Moscow, LLC Largus Plus'

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