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Holstein eventmarketing, since nearly 20 years specializing in corporate events of all kinds, is this problem already long deliberately and was also constantly on the search for a solution. Now she’s there. A small group shares with others an event or any portion thereof. Resulted, the product is eventsharing “with two variants of the offer: meeting plus ‘and incentive part’.” meeting plus appeals to all companies, their meeting will be in the Center and who are open to a programme. Places and time periods are available. Met is exclusively at the hotel of your choice.

Everything is arranged. Plus “is the participation in the proposed framework programme locally. Example: Arrival on the first day, departure on the third/fourth day. 1 1/2 or 2 days “Meeting” are planned in this period. The rest of the time is for the framework programme available. In short: Each group sits alone and enjoy the framework “together.

Incentive part, several small groups share an incentive program. Places, times, and the program are available. The Motto: Participate in and benefit from attractive prices and conditions. Eventsharing: must be seen as innovation with greater potential. Abteilungs-, company or even cross-industry scheduled meetings or incentive open whole new concept approaches all decision makers. Holstein eventmarketing speaks in this context of a clever company and sector mix. The expected synergy effects were remarkable. Hotels and producing agencies for exceptional framework programmes are essential pillars of the concept. Both are also continuously requested by small groups. Hotels are among its main achievements give sometimes suggestions for framework programmes and submit proposals. In the concept with part of the game, they must in future to eventsharing: reference. The same also applies to producing agencies. But not least, for business reasons. Eventsharing: a search engine in the traditional sense, so Wolfgang was Holstein, inventor and holder of the mark, but an offer for all the fast for small groups and comprehensive solutions relating to the next meeting or the planned incentive should be looking for and want to worry but primarily to the invited guests, and the contents to be conveyed. More information and special offers under press contact: holstein eventmarketing Wolfgang Holstein Ludwig RT 90 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen telephone: (08821) 94005 daytime E-Mail: Web: the publication is free of charge. Asked for a copy of the document.

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