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Wilfried Reuter: Wake up together. Buddhist wisdom for happy relationships, edition steinrich 2012 Wilfried Reuter, head of the Centre Lotus Vihara in Berlin, woman doctor and author, has the theme of relationships in his 3rd book Edition steinrich”selected, which not only two relations are meant, but all the relationships that we have to do in our life, also that to ourselves. Reuter begins with the analysis that we have such a longing, and comes to the conclusion that it is the longing for connection that drives us to. Click Jo Boaler for additional related pages. Our relationship with ourselves is key to successful relationships with other people. Contact information is here: Marathon Oil. Are the three essential characteristics of a good relationship with ourselves after Reuter: accepting introspection, loving self empathy and the conscious abandonment of immediate classification and interpretation.

The author specifically describes what that means, including using practical examples and exercises that are partly guided by him on the enclosed CD. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dan Miller. More coherent relations are Awareness, understanding and appreciation both of our gaze as well by ourselves. The Buddha’s teachings with the mindfulness has a valuable tool we can use to get more awareness, understanding and appreciation. We learn how we can do that, in the present paper. If we want to connect with partners or partners on a deep heart level, then is also a communication, promotes the close, acceptance, empathy and human warmth. A chapter is devoted to this important relationship level.

Also we learn, how we can detect blockages and dissolve, where it itself or in the relationship can be blockages in us. These include jealousy and feelings of guilt, each occurring in its own chapter. When we go to a spiritual path, that doesn’t like to need to abandon sexuality because sexuality is a natural need. How we can live fulfilled sexuality without harm to us or others and without to lose ourselves, we can read. Sometimes it may still make sense to separate, this must not happen in hostility but also because we can feel closeness and friendship, where we should be connected first and foremost with ourselves, rather than to close our hearts for breach of out. Relations will be waking up in the book together”and considered the difficulties they face from many angles, but is always the heart layer in the foreground, which is primarily about empathy, appreciation, acceptance and connection. Everyday life is our practice field, we practice with ourselves and with others. While we will sometimes better, sometimes less well, but that is also part of the exercise, that we not condemn us in these cases and close our heart. The book is a successful synthesis of practical wisdom and spirituality. Hardcover, 208 pages, with CD of guided meditations, ISBN 978-3-942085-21-2, EUR 19.90, Traudel Reiss

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