Loving Friends

If you ask me a definition of myself I would say: I’m loving what I do. I like to listen and get in the place of others like me help you get illusions as far as I can, I like to learn, investigate, question, change, and when it arrived, I like to share with friends expert knowledge in order to able to better help my clients. In short, I like to be helpful and of course, win it and make me gain clients and friends. A few days ago, took shape something I was hanging around the head: the “blame” the customer was asking me the ability to persuade your sales team to sell entertainment, leisure, luxury and comfort. Selling is something everyone should do every day, almost every hour: with our spouse, our children, our leader, our team, our subordinates, our distributors, customers, friends, with …

Putting in place of my “client” discovered something vital that exists inside of all people: the ability correctly render all know what we like, that gives us satisfaction and we hope for those who appreciate it. Surely all readers of this article during his life have sold something to someone, simply for the pleasure of recommending something like: a movie, the CD of a singer, a car or a certain product. Our friends heard the praise we did the same and within days bought them too. I remember I was taught this principle for 70 years in a sales course.

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