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The explanation is not needed. – Thirdly, the presence of a subscription form on the site. If you have a website, be sure to place it on its front page a quick subscription form, the code that you can take your account of the author. Even if this form does not fit into the design of the home page site – still put it out there, at least for a while. Then you can safely remove it and place anywhere, because chance that it will continue to be someone to check close to zero. tion has to say. – Finally! Take into account the human factor. Translate into a higher class of your mailing will not be automatic and not a robot, but a living people with their problems, with the "Bugs" in the head and possibly with ugly mood at the time of receipt of your letter. Therefore, try to make the letter is not too dry: add a few good phrases to your request or just to thank him for service rendered services.

Wait! Maximum of 3-5 days will come back. In the case of a positive decisions about your mailing list will appear in the main directory and its birth will proanonsirovano the mailing list service within three days. A newsletter, this is not one ten thousand subscribers, and if you did everything correctly (Attractive title and short description), then the result will not be long in coming! More about other services mailings. () The second in the Russian-speaking Internet population and the number of subscribers Mailing Services.

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