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The use of audiovisual media to perform free marketing has skyrocketed in recent times since applications and platforms with success, have been implemented and this is the case of Youtube, websites like YouTube are clearly dominant with his innovative videos in almost all possible topics. Taking into account the broad scope and the popularity of YouTube, as an expressive medium, Internet sellers are of the opinion that is one of the best tools to improve the visibility and popularity of any business. This social communication platform has the capacity to host video clips for companies and individuals, free of charge. Such is the popularity of this website that many people spend hours nevegando within Youtube, therefore with so many things that pass through this site you can use it to market and promote your products and services in an innovative way. Fortunately, creating a video for the YouTube audience is not a space science. All you need is a simple video camera. However your You should do, as a recommendation, only short length videos from 30 seconds to 2 minutes maximum. More original are your videos, the better your chances of attracting visitors to your Web site! When you edit your videos inserts the URL of the Web site discreetly. This will help you to achieve incredible visibility. Remember, YouTube and similar sites of social communication offer a real opportunity to make marketing free to all kinds of companies and entrepreneurs free of charge for marketing your products and services to end users.

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