Management Instrumentation

New version offers comprehensive IT management of the network up to the application level and supports the REALTECH AG, a manufacturer of software for business process management and IT service management end-to-end monitoring of business processes Walldorf, 9th July 2009, provides theGuard with the newly created package! 6.3 a highly integrated product portfolio for the holistic assurance of critical business processes. In the new version, the functions of the individual products were theGuard! NetworkManager, theGuard! ApplicationManager and theGuard! Service desk extended and so merged, that synergies are achieved at the same time the independence of individual products are not affected. Still, REALTECH has the area of business process management to business process modeling interface”expanded. Thus enterprises from ERP systems can identify the notation (BPMN) defined process design as well as critical indicators (BPEL) directly on the business process modeling and monitoring in theGuard! take over. The business service Management module receives additional functions for technical monitoring of underlying business services. The BSM connectors were added”. These can be any proprietary sources in theGuard! embed on any standard protocol such as SNMP (simple network management protocol) or WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) are based. The installation of an agent is not required to do so.

BSM-connectors available for different operating systems, databases, and application platforms. Benefit even existing customers: A migration on the existing basis for a uniform system for the monitoring of network, system and application components to the exact definition and description of business services and processes is easy to implement. In the analysis of errors in business processes, the dependency support Walker”management and IT administration. This function also technical Director to the effect of a single disturbance on the about identify the business processes. But vice versa is system and network administrators so that a practical tool for the route can cause analysis available starting from the disruption in a business so navigate to the technical component of responsible for the error.

The user’s perspective as a significant measure of a business process is covered in detail through the end-to-end monitoring and objectively assessed. The simulation of the behavior of users is thereby cyclically performed by test runs by previously defined steps and the identified transaction times compared with reference values and evaluated. For network management, he was theGuard! NetworkManager also expanded. In addition to managing MPLS now also extensive functions for the management of virtual environments, such as VMware, available are administrators. The newly added specific dashboards”expand the concept of behind the product-specific modules, allowing any networking components be monitored. The new Dashboards deliver meaningful Web interfaces for the management of server platforms.

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