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Also, according to Jana Thieme, it is important to determine the frequency output directory. According to the specialist, the optimal duration is approximately one output every four weeks. Lost client currently often able to create the impression molestation, however, at least – means "to forget the customer," then with each new catalog will gain a new customer. Today, another key factor affecting the efficiency of the processes of catalog mailing is the quality and speed enter information about customer orders. Without automation it would be difficult to provide address verification process for mailing catalogs, support for transparency of information about customers, whose number is sometimes measured in millions, and much more. Gain insight and clarity with David Rogier. Therefore, any serious catalog service must invest a lot of money creating a sustainable IT structure. Trade barriers with barriers to the development of catalog sales in Russia is quite a lot.

Says Director of "International Post" in Finance and Marketing Andrei Melnikov: "As a general rule, a foreign company is not easy to work in Russia. For her, everything here is new: customs and tax laws, currency regulation and supervision, organization of transport. Mail-order trade is regulated by several pieces of legislation that causes many problems. Foreign companies is difficult to understand all the nuances Russian tax and customs regulations. The current level of Russian mail for Western companies is not acceptable. " "In the catalog sales is very important quality of service," agrees Valery Maltsev, general director of "050 Service of orders" from Vladivostok. According to him, promising is the cooperation of the companies that sell through catalogs, with modern delivery services.

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