Mauritius African Paradise

COM the barrier reef makes the savage Indian Ocean becomes a nice lagoon of Turquoise and crystal clear waters. Port Louis, capital of the country, is a mixture of Chinese, Indians of hindu and Muslim faith and Christians of white and black. Although it sounds like a cliche, Mauritius is paradise on Earth: water sports, volcanic nature, a cosmopolitan touch in the capital and hotelazos with African soul. There are things, says, you should do once in life, and one of them is to leave you wanting in a luxury hotel, as The Residence. 48 Km from the airport, a driver you collect and in an hour leaves you at the gates of eden. The Residence hall is spectacular, there you wine with a fresh welcome cocktail. All rooms have Butler service.

The hotel has a private beach and several restaurants that provided fresh fish directly from the boats of fishermen who dock on the beach at sunset with the catch of the day. A placid sea around Mauritius Island there is a coral barrier thanks to which the Wild Indian Ocean turns into a nice lagoon of turquoise water and white sand, placidly populated by those fish of colors and whimsical shapes. A boat from the hotel leaves you in the middle of the lagoon with the proper equipment, so montes you your own documentary. You don’t have to fear sharks always uncomfortable, never crossing the barrier reef, but Yes by corals, multi-coloured but sharp. There are other activities at your fingertips. The funniest is aquatic, so easy skydiving as fleeting. And the most comfortable, the catamaran trip to the Paradise Island of deer and Grande Riviere cascade. African city, nature volcanic concept city in Africa is often synonymous with chaos and unrest. However, Port Louis, capital of the country, still 100% African, not afraid. Its central market is so picturesque as expensive and you can just stroll quiet, so the best thing is to take to the streets looking for the decadent colonial architecture and the passing of life in Chinatown or the Place d Armes.

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