Mazda5 1, 8i: Subservient Spirit

The new Mazda5 with 116 PS strong entry-level petrol 1, 8i in the test. It is as so often in life. The good things are really evident when you no longer have you. You casually incorporated into the stream of existence. One quickly becomes accustomed to it and accept it at the same speed as given. Just as happened to us intensive testing with the new compact MPV Mazda5. What we had on him, really struck us as we him at the end of the two-week test phase again the owner Mazda Austria away. The Japanese plays his sophisticated virtues with a designated nonchalance.

The niceties and amenities multi-lane motorized progress serves the 5 passengers quite casual and calm. It consumed them almost in passing and actually don’t quite know why motorists daily life is suddenly so easily by hand. A subservient spirit, the Mazda5! Entry as the sliding doors left and right of the vans are made easy. The practical benefits of this kind of access to the Fund a Vehicle is familiar with and can now also at the VW Sharan and his Hispano-brother Alhambra and the Ford Grand C-Max will learn. Thus the Japanese although no unique selling proposition more – however an unrivaled freedom of movement must be attested the Slidingdoors for the Mazda5. There is not much more than a delicate finger tips, and the doors roll back into the lock. And also here: how small is the force required for opening and closing the sliding doors, Sharan struck only in direct comparison with the new VW us.

There, the operation is however no excessive force, however from one but accompanied tangibly higher resistance, as we have noted muscular underrepresented desk stallions. 4.6-meter-long, pronounced family-friendliness. So the new Mazda5 in his latest loft presents itself. The color of our test car is called clear water blue and fits in the light of the prominent Designmermales of the compact van, like the fist on the Aug.

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