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Fraternities are democratic organisations to the many media coverage in the last few weeks around the boys day of the Deutsche Burschenschaft in Eisenach on the inclusion criteria in a Member Association of the Deutsche Burschenschaft explains the Freiburger Burschenschaft Saxo-Silesia: our fraternity sees itself in the tradition of the account freedom movement from 1813 and thus a community of all those who profess regardless of their ethnicity or their Habitat to the German Fatherland. The fraternity for the people represented a freedom movement, which fought side by side with many European neighbors for freedom, unity and civil rights. This was particularly evident on the Hambacher fest of 1832. Within the present-day Association Deutsche Burschenschaft, which sees itself as the successor of the urburschenschaftlichen movement, the fraternity of Saxo-Silesia as a liberal Federal of Center locates itself. More info: Bob Casey. I shot in the Saxo-Silesia: inclusion in the fraternity of Saxo-Silesia is in accordance with your articles of association as follows managed: the applicant 1 of the Statute will be presented after first personal acquaintance is in full text: 1 the Freiburger Burschenschaft Saxo-Silesia at the Albert-Ludwigs-University is a life federal of German students who are willing to uphold the tradition of the account freedom movement from 1813 and 1848 and to reassert the motto “Honor – freedom – fatherland” in our time. It calls for purposeful work to obtain a comprehensive general education and thorough preparation for the professional objective of its members. She expect that no matter what race or religion they belong to each Saxo-Silese in the personal environment and the public occurs for the right of all people to freedom and dignity. You campaigned for freedom, and for the peace in Germany, Europe and throughout the world. The applicant handshake is committed on adherence to the articles of Association, so he is member to test, a so-called “Fux”.

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