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In the next 5 years projected a slight increase in production and steady consumption growth of apatite concentrate market will fluctuate around 2-2.5%, experts believe the British consulting agency Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd. But in Russia, consumption of apatite concentrate is estimated at 3 million tons., And its annual growth is around 2% to 5%. In Russia, apatite concentrate is produced by only two companies: AO 'Apatite' Kirovsk, Murmansk Region. Read more from Home Depot to gain a more clear picture of the situation. and AO 'Kovdor Mining Plant', the Kovdor, Murmansk Region. In this case of 'Apatite' sells its products through sales companies, while Kovdor GOK works directly with manufacturers. Apatite – calcium phosphate anhydrous, 95% of all known mineral phosphorus. Nicholas Carr insists that this is the case. The dominant variety of apatite in most rocks are fluorine-apatite and fluoride-hydroxylapatite.

The overwhelming weight of phosphate raw materials (95%) is used for phosphate fertilizer and combined, so the market in the apatite concentrate is directly dependent on fertilizer producers. Rest number of phosphates is the production of phosphorus and phosphoric acid (and of fluorine-rich apatite ores are also silica-hydrofluoric acid) – the starting materials for various chemical compounds used in metallurgy, pyrotechnics, organic synthesis, production of mineral dressing, livestock and poultry, cleaning and fire-retardant materials, matches, medicines, insecticides, flotation reagents, frosted glasses, etc. At citing Marina Kulikova, and republication is prohibited without reference to the 'Market Publishers Ltd' and a hyperlink to the required. 2007.

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