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Metro is clearly one of the classics and is familiar to almost anyone who ever owned a console. Now the big relaunch follows and we look at what the successor Metro: last light offers. It’s been quite a few years as the last part of the Metro will be released and got hardly a game so a large recognition in the industry. Now, the next title in the series in the trade is Metro since a few days available and under the name: load light be conquered again numerous player heart. We go the day after and apparent presents the new computer game which features and innovations. Metro: Last light is the successor of the already highly successful and award-winning action game Metro 2033.

The new story takes place in the year 2034, after the surface of the world shine was contaminated by a nuclear war. Venue by Metro: last light is the Moscow metro, in their dark tunnel the survivors of the war have pulled back. From those who had not managed to bring against the rays in security are cruel Become mutants who now fight against the people to the last uncontaminated area. One day appears the former soldier Hunter at the station Sewastopolskaja, which is under siege by the mutants and is so cut off from the connection to the big metro. He sets out with the experienced Homer, who have long inhabited the station, to defeat the mutants and so the residents to save. To do so the two must penetrate deep into the dangerous tunnel system, Homer luckily knows so well, like no one else. When the 17 year-old Sascha meets them, they summarily decide to take her and Homer takes on the role of the protector, because he wants to make of Hunter and Sasha of a few. But not entirely altruistic, because he plans the history the Apocalypse of mankind according to write and as lovers from a broken heroes, and the young girl would look quite good.

Humanity despite radiation-contaminated Earth, extremely low temperatures and very rare ammunition can survive, he must Player in Metro: last light in Survival-Horror-style, as well as first-person action fighting. In addition to the fight against the terrible mutants and warring groups of Metro residents, even a devastating weapon must be found without a victory of mankind is hopeless. The game Metro: last light is a Edel shooter of extraordinaire, whose Geschichte is based on the novels “Metro 2033” and “Metro 2034” of the Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. Also, Glukhovsky wrote the dialogues for the video game Metro: last light. The game was developed games, which this person Shooter have set a new benchmark for first and can also hope for several awards for this by the way the Ukrainian Studio 4A. Since the author has already written a new book, with the name “Metro 2035”, there are also legitimate hope for another game of its kind. DVD or a Metro: buy last night key? Metro can be played: load light on console and PC, the operating system should be at least Windows XP (32-bit) better but Vista, 7, or 8. In addition to the standard DVD version is also the opportunity to purchase the game for download. This can be a Metro: light key buy load and download the game directly through the manufacturer’s software steam. The next gen technology used in the development ensures a realistic physics system and unprecedented unprecedented lighting effects while playing. Who want to not only fight in the dark ruins, tunnels, can play online in multiplayer mode.

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