He is dissapointing, pere does not say anything new. Visit Technology author for more clarity on the issue. The fight by the power is, from the behavior of the microparticles in physics and following with the human conduct, a fight by the energy possession and mass. This fight, this it battles, has the same plinth that Chinese general Sun Tzu millenia ago raised: ” All war is based on impostura” , it is worth to say, it is prevailed if it is deceived the enemy. Apparently, this bond for the policy. If you are not convinced, visit Craig Menear. The energy, in the human society, would seem to corporizar itself in the money. ” pasta” as the Spaniards say, he allows to accede to the power.

Who does not own it she will not obtain to be able nor will administer justice. But, in this last aspect, paradojalmente that administration of justice can be said that she is only right when two poor men litigate. The bribe and the bribe – bribery, coimisin, adjustment, commit, in vernacular language is not new. The first attempt was that one of Eva, when with shameful aims it offered to Adam the apple to him. Thence in future, thirty money, plates of lentils and others minucias were the vehicles compromises for it of these nascent ones. Widely they would be surpassed and is a bottomless mystery until where it will be able to arrive, with one ” tangente” planetary that now it quantifies by packages that in some cases are superiors to the budget of many countries. Another thing is not, at the present time, the salvatajes to the banks and speculators, thus awarding to the people in charge of entuerto.

As much as it is necessary to obtain or to maintain the power. In the last meeting of the G-20 one condemned, of word, clearly, to the fiscal paradises Where they think that they were great part of the salvatajes? They guessed right, there. And they will not be destroyed because they are structural part of the system, that needs those valves of escape hide-and-seek the dirty clothes. If to such power it is acceded by such means, we do not think that it brings prepared the platonic good. On the contrary, perhaps the disorder in a society is become serious that no longer knows very well where it goes. Nevertheless, – for tranquillity of the frightened ones according to the second law of the thermodynamics, all disorder tends towards a new order.

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