Money Buckets

Possibly Ed had union employees and problems. The union demanded higher wages, better benefits and wanted that their members carried only one bucket simultaneously. " On the other hand, Bill realized which if that village needed water, then other villages also had to need it. It rewrote his plan of businesses and one left to sell his clean water system from high speed, great volume and low cost to the villages around the world. " He only it gained a cent by given water bucket, but it daily gave thousands of million water buckets. Without mattering if he worked or no, thousands of million people consumed thousands of million water buckets and all that money was deposited in its banking account. Bill developed the pipe to take money for he himself, as well as to take water to the villages. According to Luiz Lopes Brookfield, who has experience with these questions. " Bill lived happily for always and Ed worked very it last by the rest of its life and it always had financial problems.

Fin." The history of Bill and Ed has guided to me throughout the years. It has helped to carry out the process me of decision making in my life. Often I ask myself: I am constructing a pipe or carrying buckets? I am working hard or I am working of intelligent way? And the answers to those questions have done to me frees from the financial point of view. And that it deals with this book. It tries than it is needed to become " D" or in " I". It is for the people who are tired to carry buckets and that are ready to construct pipes that take cash to interior of its pockets and not of its pockets towards outside. SOURCE: The quadrant of the flow of Money, Robert Kiyosaki Descargalo free here: Also you can unload audiolibro " The business perfecto" , of Kiyosaki from my blog. It visits my blog to see but articles like this: Original author and source of the article.

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