Money for Emergencies

If you use this money only for emergencies and contingencies, will help you avoid making “money saved” in “cash for emergencies.” 5 .- Consider investing your money on insurance. If you consistently intended as part of your monthly expenses, quarterly or six-certain amount of money to keep you protected your home, family health, car, and your most valuable belongings, when they are submitted unfortunate events, and that protects your insurance will not be financially strapped. Update your policies at the right time, consider that the inevitable are the few things that are not planned and may damage its economy and financial plans. 6 .- Use your credit card properly, try not to use much his or her credit cards, remember they are for the unexpected or exploit any opportunity that is offered them. Keep only the needed and use them sparingly. 7 .- If you do not deposit their wages in a payroll bank account, open a savings account or checking account, deposit your paycheck and organize your money through your account, and not spend it all at once and can manage the best way. 8 .- Take into account and consider all possible sources of income and if you can find new ones, for example, consider the possibility of starting a new business, to sell what you no longer use and even calculate the amount of pension. 9 .- If the case permits, you better plan and manage the family finances with your partner, so both be aware of the movements of his money and petrel both can give good and better ideas to use it.

10 .- Coordinate where you have it, with your adviser responsible for keeping your family finances together they review and monitor bank statements, receipts, reports of their investments, contracts, expiration dates of policies insurance, etc. 11 .- Believe it or not, it is important to keep in mind and will determine how its capacity when he retires. Do the math according to your current salary and assuming that this will be continued, along with the increases that will logically about the economic situation of the country also think that if prices increase, increase your salary. Find out how and if it has already accumulated so far in the Afore has not deposited a large amount of resources, it may be because you are very young or have little time to contribute in this system. This should include projecting the amount of retirement pension at the time. If in doubt consult your particular case A fores adviser.

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