You can encourage unreasonable compliance and superficial understanding. Can make us believe that the acceptance of forms and practices of the organization is enough for a good life. You can reject as undesirable people in their search for the truths of life have not gone the way of the group. May discourage learning and continuing education needed to give meaning to human life. An extreme social morality may be as dangerous as extreme Personal Moral, because it would exclude some people from the organization in the name of the organization. Social Morality and Personal Morals are important to a meaningful life and both are part of the manifestation of the human personality. But at this time how sociability prevails in our organizations, it is important to remember individualism … The choice is then between the organization or individual.

But the organization should exist to help the individual because only when a person recognizes and accepts the responsibility against him in relation to himself and to other human beings, comes to manifest fully, directing their behavior toward spiritual vision life. We must remember that man can act or not spirituality. When spiritual work, has his conduct with reference to their individual interests or those of the group, but with all the objectified world, widely spread in time and space, choosing and deciding in view of this panorama, whose magnitude depends on illustration and understanding of the subject. When man acts spiritually, their action is also regulated by standards and objective interests, but makes his own personal reasons to universal nature. In the first case the man has become independent of the mechanisms articulates of instinct and oppression of the immediate circumstances, but their behavior is governed by the profit of the individual to his group. In the second case their emancipation is much higher and reaches the limit, it has also delivered his own unique reality, the mandate of their specific interests, their likes and needs as an individual to behave according to universal norms and values, as person. Evaluation and monitoring of this necessary balance in the manifestation of our ego states leading to the objective assessment of reality must be our task today.

Nelson Astegher Pedagogue. Degree in Mathematics, Master in Education. Icep current director of the Institute for Teaching and Research in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Former Director of the Mexican Cultural Society in Mexico City, currently Member of the Academic Network of the Inter-American Development a tica y Ibero America, is a lecturer on the subject of sociology and ethics of the individual behavioral Articles consist BID in the virtual library, in the OEI, and the Ministry of Culture of Spain. Married with four children, devotes his time to teaching and family. Email: Web: / insticep Santillan 3227 2000 Rosario Santa Fe Argentina Tel: 54-341-453 6639.

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