Morality Is The Basis For Business

Despite the fact that moralityis necessary to draw the attention of the Church to material issues is not perceived as something unnatural. The second side of the coin of the issue is the relationship deteriorating economic morality in economic circles, the so-called crisis of the moral foundations of the economy. Contemporary realities of life dictate to us and demand the revival of the functioning principles such as – principle of social solidarity and the principle of mercy, is embodied in the years of Manufactures. It’s time to move the debate on the Christian dimension of the economy into practice and try to professionally assess the possibility of Christian economic practices in everyday life. The historical perspective shows us the justification for the introduction and development of traditional Christian financial instruments (fiduciary banks, credit cooperatives) in the modern world. The relevance of these deployments in this country is dictated by the ongoing post-crisis restoration of economic performance and in fact is indisputable, since the whole modern economic system is unthinkable without effective and moderate credit. Even today, the first attempts at dialogue between the Church and preprinimatelstvom gave rise to positive changes. January 24, 2011 at the Round Table‘s leading banks and enterprises in Russia has officially stated the need to develop financial instruments based on the principles Orthodox economic ethics.

Many recognize that the spiritual arbitration and spiritual guidance of religious institutions, especially the Russian Orthodox Church, the participation of religious organizations in the financial and economic activity as an objective example of responsible and fair economy today more relevant than ever and demand society. During the meeting, bankers pointed out that ethical business – the most important component of social life, but a crisis of trust, neglect of business reputation in the business environment is totally unacceptable. Immorality in the economy, the pursuit of profit at any cost, short-term solution to the problems of damage strategic long-term projects to further inhibit the development of the country. On the contrary, moral, honest relationships with customers and partners, believe in the entrepreneurial community, a key condition for long-term economic success. Until now, a lively discussion ensued, with various forms of practical involvement of religious organizations in the country’s economic life and the association of financial institutions for the coordination of joint efforts to develop financial instruments that were based on the principles of Orthodox ethics of farming.

Thus we come to understand the inseparability of ethics, morality and economics, and should recognize the mutual responsibility of all, without exception, participants in the financial process. We are facing a special need in promoting and supporting initiatives aimed at promoting the ethical framework in business. You can not get involved in charity: it is the desire must come not from the obligations and the dictates of the natural soul, and in the development of this understanding golavnuyu role played by the Church.

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