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However, in your best interest to news reports were of interest to subscribers. To build the necessary functionality in this section expedient to adhere to the following sequence: a tool for marketing communication – the kind of communication – the problem site to provide tools of communication – necessary tools site. Result is a list of tools that should provide tasks for the communicative effectiveness of the site. Also, do not forget about the possibility of collecting marketing information. Tools for doing so must be foreseen at the design stage.

With regard to obtaining information, apart from the usual tools of marketing research, such as questionnaires or surveys, it is worth remembering about the possibility of obtaining nonverbal information from site visitors. After all, any action the visitor can be detected and analyzed, respectively. Once again I would like to emphasize that information technology gives exceptional opportunity to assess the outcome of the communicative act. Therefore, we can anticipate in the near future increase in interest in the simulation of communications on the Internet, which, from my point of view, neglected. This will improve the effectiveness of marketing communications, direct them to achieve its marketing goals.

Recruitment and retention of targeted groups. Speak abstractly about order to attract and retain visitors to the site is useless. Depending on your marketing goals and objectives of the site to attract visitors may be diametrically opposed. Say, one of the sites created by the model Internet-based business, but the main purpose of another site – to coordinate the work of several remote branch offices.

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