NeckTies as Symbols

Sooner or later, every man has to wear the neck collar – that is to tie a tie. Business man doing it more often, sometimes not knowing that the fabric strip is a label for the determination of many of his qualities … The usual things usually do not pay attention, and tie around the neck businessman common as a toothbrush in the cup. Tie complements the image of today's successful man. Some representatives of the stronger sex consider it excellent way to emphasize their individuality, others at the first opportunity stripped from the neck 'hated stranglehold' and stuff far away, cursing at the same time its creators. However, if you can not abandon this enhancement, the choice of how to wear it is up to the man and dictated solely his own concept of style, knowledge, etiquette and comfort. It is believed that nothing but a tie, do not talk about taste, preferences and the nature of man. Over the years the tie pattern identified due to the length and the personal qualities of his medium.

Too long tie says about disorganization, bravado, the propensity to posturing – this person very important to create an impression of successful business men, because they want to tie them and could see out from under his coat buttoned. This is usually enough creative people, and slightly rakish appearance is also part of the game in genius, a small challenge to corporate ethics. But if the man fills the interfering tie belt for pants, most likely in the office, he feels uncomfortable, awkward or embarrassing him with all associated paraphernalia.

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