Supervisors, managers, or leaders, in enterprises and organizations in general, have frequently faced with resolving conflicts that arise in the bosom of their structures. Conflicts that have their origin in the attempts of the company organize your organization, projecting new work assignments, or different distributions of resources, always scarce, or derivatives of the hierarchy of the organization. What seems clear is that some degree of conflict is inevitable. In these cases, the negotiation is presented as the mode by which the two parties, with apparently conflicting interests, are trying to agree on a good weekend to all. A negotiation is not always effective, and whether it is effective or not is going to determine whether it has been able to achieve a good result. A negotiating process is not easy to carry to term, and almost always requires expertise in formulating a good strategy, make concessions, knowing what to do when the negotiation is interrupted or complicated, and even to know recourse, when so required, to third persons to ensure that they contribute to resolve frozen conflicts.In short, a negotiation is the interaction that occurs between two people or groups, found by a particular issue, and that has the aim of positions, and thus be able to reach a pact or Alliance that is beneficial for all parties. Reach a mutual satisfaction, and know reach a balance point in the interests of the parties: this is called negotiation. Also you can be defined as an art, because the skills that entails: capacity study all possible scenarios for resolution, to prepare adequately to meet all the positions, and therefore be able to listen, know how to set priorities, and have sufficient ability to define objectives, are some of the requirements, for which not everyone seems to be preparedas they require different qualities, and above all involve a personal knowledge and, always, a control and management of emotions.

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