New England Patriots

The second week they look in better shape and defeat to Jacksonville 38-13. The third week Seattle is superior and defeat to San Diego 27-20, but the Chargers are imposed during the fourth day and crushed Arizona with a 41-10 to marker from the fifth week until the seventh, the Chargers fall into a streak of losses, against Oakland Raiders (27-35), St. Louis Rams (17 – 20) and New England Patriots (23-20) respectively. This provoked that San Diego could not remove to Kansas City in the first position. The Chargers seek to recover and achieved it since the eighth Conference, where they won 33-25 at Tennessee Titans, will be his week of rest but soon added one triumph, this time it was a 29-23 against Houston. On the return from your break, San Diego continues to play very well and adds another win in week eleven, this time it was with a score of 35-14 in the stellar encounter on Sunday against the Denver Broncos. The tenth second week of the NFL, the Chargers visit the Colts, who end up defeated 14-36 in an intense encounter in which the visitors dominated from the start.

In this game, Jacob Tamme, Colts tight end, was responsible for opening the score in the first quarter with a 4-yard touchdown. San Diego responded with a field goal and Kevin Burnett intercepted a pass from Payton Manning to rush for 29 yards and mark touchdown, so the marker was 10-7 in favor of the Chargers. San Diego increased its lead to 16-7 in the second quarter with two field goals, while locals tried to turn the marker but could only make an annotation that arrived at 16-14. San Diego completed another field goal in the third quarter and achieved a second interception against Manning, this time by Erick Weddle who ran 41 yards and scored a touchdown. The Chargers went up 26-14. Here, MasterClass UK expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The last period visitors took the triumph scored another field goal and a touchdown that closed the match 36-14. Philip Rivers, San Diego quarterback, completed 19 of 23 passes and rushed for 185 yards, no interceptions, while Payton Manning failed to lead his team to victory despite completing 31 of 48 passes, rush for 285 yards and throwing two touchdown passes. The negative point for Manning was having suffered four interceptions, two of which ended in a touchdown for San Diego.

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