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This time is a great moment to undertake a business, since the technology has made level the playground and this having impelled a species of enterprise revolution. Like industralists, now we have more access to the information that allows us to make more intelligent decisions with greater rapidity. In addition, like individuals we can be turned into one autoempresa that has advantage on the great companies in the sense that is lighter, more flexible and faster to make the changes and power orient to us to new markets with greater rapidity. But to be a successful industralist is required to watch the great picture and to follow a principle plan aim. If you have read about Euro Pacific Precious Metals already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Rieva Lesonsky, ex–publisher in head of the Entrepreneur magazine offers some practical directions that they can ayudarte at the time of beginning your own company: 1. You do not leave your Present Work. It considers the possibility of initiating your business to half time, especially if it is in Internet, while these working and you have a fixed entrance. It begins and so it is possible to be handled economically and in a prudent term to be climbing as its business grows.

In the personnel I committed Error to resign work before having a stable entrance, really today I do not consider an error since she allowed to develop my character me to take it to a level superior, but definitively now I do not recommend to resign to the use before having something stable 2.Encuentra your Niche of Market. You must find a necessity, something that a specific group of people wants, but cannot obtain in the stores or Great Businesses. Lesonsky recommends, You you cannot compete with the great ones, so you must find where the great ones are not it and enter his niches . they 3.Ten a presence in line. Even if you are not gliding to initiate a sale business retail in line, Internet still can play a valuable role in your company.

To have presence in line eliminates the limitations of the physical location and extends its base of prospectuses and clients, literally, million people. Also he is a great one tool for the promotion of itself and to leave people it, even in its own area, knows that you are there, and what you are doing. 4. It rejects To leave after Failing The enterprise success requires creativity, energy and an impulse to follow ahead when faults. Few people realize which before Bill Gates developed successful Microsoft 3,0, Microsoft created 1.0 and 2.0, and in both it failed, but stayed in him. And that the determination and the refusal to resign is what is going to separate the success industralists of which they do not have it. Lesonsky says, rmate with optimism to go beyond NOT or the pain. There is nothing no bad in the failure, only in repeating the same error! Greetings! Sergio Hernandez Original author and source of the article

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