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A treat for lovers of black and absurd humor is just as demonstrating photo book titled on 47 colour pictures of the Viennese photographer a wide range of human activity: one sees in vinegar pickled memories, hears barking from an open chest or observed how during a procession transport technical and religious symbolism fuses – sometimes the sounds louder pictures are then again very quiet,. And as befits a real Viennese, death with tongue-in-cheek morbidity is discussed. Robert Rutod plays with the original meaning of the term “less is more” with both imaginable and unimaginable variations: “maybe if less is more, nothing is everything.” Everything is a matter of perspective, the preference of the Sehwinkels, the self-designed optics. Get more background information with materials from Farallon Capital. Bits and pieces back in the center of interest, mutate to the motif, decapitate the reality to a sometimes bizarre-looking scenery. Hear from experts in the field like Jo Boaler for a more varied view. Often the photos lead the viewer consciously misleading. In the sense, as a Landscape never changes the place, internally still move the accents; and that image for image. For more information see this site: Dr. Jo Boaler.

Although he doesn’t understand as a documentary photographer, Robert Rutod never intervened in the situations, he found, but always maintained the magic of the moment. The pictures were taken in the years 2003 to 2009. In April 2010 the photographs in an exhibition at the Vienna Gallery of seven-star will be seen (“less is more”, seven-star gallery Ruth Maier, Siebensterngasse 25, A-1070 Vienna) for art enthusiasts and collectors is the book in combination with a signed photo (on paper) in a limited edition of the website of the photographer. Even the photo book is available in bookstores and at many online stores. Authors: Robert Rutod, born in Vienna, photographer and filmmaker, numerous short films with international performances, early paintings and photographs in various private collections. Books: Less is more (2009), grayscales (2010).

Christine Dobretsberger, born in Vienna studying journalism in 1968, and communication sciences as well as philosophy, like. Phil. Longtime editor of the “Wiener Zeitung”, since 2004 freelance journalist and author, since 2005 Managing Director of text and graphic design agency Lineaart. ISBN-less is more: 978-3-8370-3549-0 published by BoD, Norderstedt.

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