But the new president of the United States is much more than that. Son of a nation so powerful, ethnocentric, immature and erratic, which is preferred to show history, Greek invention to describe the life, Obama is the most refined of the American ideal. Barack Hussein, whose name, skin and family history no one ever thought he could get where is the output and outcome that society has to be found and provide a respite from the deep economic crisis and ethics that goes through and with which contaminates rest of the world. Not only is it good policy, the result of an election, but lifeguards at the unfathomable collective cultural and ethnic polarity sometimes masked by the recurring refrain of the existence of an inclusive and multicultural a. a But this effort to understand would be incomplete if we added the will sustained by the minority of African descent to achieve what has been achieved. Blood, sweat, tears, skills, productivity, elegance and rhythm, have shown these descendants of slaves to take their place in a society that banned and pulled at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan or the CIA or the repression and the physical disappearance and psychological, creating a society of racial disabled, who long ago began to the dense network of misunderstanding and prejudice.

Why not say, white society has also become, apparently, more porous and elastic. The hippie movement, for example, with the slogan of “peace and love” created an illusion that now goes through the pores in the light. The Kennedy, Carter and Clinton for his part took steps toward openness, and whether Lavoisier was right to say that nothing is lost but is transformed, we should also give credit to those decisions taken by the power and white society. He never imagined a Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul, nothing more or less born in Memphis, Tennessee, to sing at the ceremony of swearing in a President of the United States would share with, among others, the color of their skin. With pride, dignity and belief in democracy, the public do not know if we could say that the people listened in massive event in which George W. Bush took his leave. Amen.

a Now Obama is not black or white. He is chairman of the nation’s most powerful and fragile the planet and embodies a hope for his people and for the rest of the countries of the earth, which we all are. Let us hope that its mandate is for peace, understanding and rescue of the deteriorating international image of their country that has been left for lunch and international terrorism. Let it be sown fields of democratic principles by which here in Venezuela, rather than oil, also fought with tenacity.

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