Olympic Games

However, the rollers made of synthetic materials have some peculiarities. Skating on the synthetic surface is more difficult, compared with the usual ice without the use of lubricants (usually based on ethylene glycol or silicon compounds). Grease on the surface of a synthetic ice rink in time become contaminated, collecting dust and dirt on the surface, which is kind of an inconvenience for those who compares skating on this ice, and a synthetic, sometimes forgetting that it is an imitation of synthetic ice. Another problem associated with using panels of synthetic materials is their mountings and connections with each other. Butt-joining method of panels, with low-quality connection or prolonged use, sometimes leading to dehiscence panels and as a result of the appearance of grooves, which may hit the blade skates skaters.

The use of panels at the junctions of mounting brackets and other fasteners allowed to reduce the risk of grooves and gapping the panels. Special method of connection and fastening of panels is a method of using the panel to the configuration of the perimeter in the form of cuts like "dovetail", "Saw", etc. Modern Modern technology research and development have improved the properties of synthetic materials used for ice skating and bring them to the characteristics of natural ice. Special polymeric materials used for the manufacture of synthetic ice rinks, as well as unique and lubricants, which are dried out or absorbed by the surface of polymer sheets rink, do not make the surface sticky, long keep it clean and allow to simulate sliding on ice. Modern technologies used in the production of panels make them more resistant to moisture and corrosion, to temperature changes, uv radiation, and methods of installation and mounting provides secure attachment to the ground joints of panels.

All this makes skating on a synthetic rink a safer and more comfortable. Modern biodegradable (measurable biological decomposition), water-soluble lubricant, are the most effective alternative lubricants based on ethylene glycol or silicone used in the past. Care of the surface of synthetic ice rinks, which are used organic-based lubricants, is carried out using ordinary water can quickly recover and to clean the rink. (Photo: on a synthetic ice Oksana Baiul – world champion and winner of the Olympic Games 1994) Rigidity of the surface of modern synthetic ice rinks, as compared with natural ice, above all in the 5-15%, which is a good alternative especially for children and beginners skating, workouts, working individual elements in ice hockey, curling, etc. Synthetic ice rinks have become increasingly popular around the world that is primarily due to lower cost, compared with natural ice and actually the lack of spending on maintenance and operation. In Canada and the U.S., there is a whole network of schools and hockey clubs, which used a synthetic ice rink that is much cheaper than using water and refrigeration. Quick installation (Mobility) and virtually no special requirements for indoor and outdoor areas, have synthetic ice rinks as convenient as possible for use in all weather conditions as a small rink in parks and on beaches, shopping malls, sports and fitness clubs in the entertainment business, the circus, for corporate events, cruise ships, etc. Television viewers could see the dance, figure skater Evgeni on synthetic ice performed during the performance of Dima Bilan for Eurovision 2008.

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