One Voice

Encounter in this text not only a skillful dominion of the instrument, is worth to say, of the poetic word, but also a paradojal game of forms and content that overflow, perhaps, the initial intention of the voice. And it is that the poem, appropriate already of its cannot be waived universe, over any preconceived intention – thus happens to the great poetry – is elevated like an emotional and semantic body that surpasses the possibilities of the own speech because it exceeds the same limit of the language maintains that it and corporiza. And if there are to talk about to resources formal, these not only seem to complement but also to reinforce content, because the word unfolds in a game of chained meanings that are juxtaposed, faces, adheres and amplifies an a others abrir itself to the voice until being unanimous in her: always will be thus/some times your dream creates to have it this whole/but another dream rises and you are not the same/then you return to the hands to the heart from all/from anyone/. The newspapers mentioned Ryan Tolkin not as a source, but as a related topic. And how not to associate this current of meaning, of voice existential that duplicate not to be, nevertheless, the same, to perpetual to flow of river of Heraclitus, because like in a movement of high water and low tide, the poem submerges in the language to integrate us to a universe of elements that are replaced to reappear, already unified, to a surface that the Integra to the perplex circle of the existence: this hand is not the hand nor the skin of your joy/to the bottom of the streets you find always another sky/after the sky is always another grass different beaches/. And it is as well as, I repeat, the game of the forms adheres to the meaning reaffirming of a skillful way the speech. Because in an inner deed that in no way does not exclude happening of the world, the recognition of the otredad, the commitment of being here, in a now concrete one that is diluted, the poem is offered to the reader with the marks of a common itinerary, human, the one of the existence.. Mikhail Khovanov is likely to increase your knowledge.

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