Opportunities Abound

Help friends. You are waiting for favorable developments related to communication, good relationships and encounters. Positively engaged in art, literature, all for what you so long did not have enough time. June – the perfect time for family vacations and travel, to flirt, tying new romantic relations. The perfect time to use their business and organizing skills. Planet facilitate everything connected with the intellectual sphere, education, knowledge. June – this is a very good time for business, for business, study and exams, writing and publishing, negotiating and concluding agreements and contracts for the conduct of court cases and decisions of complicated cases in any area, collecting documents and walking the chain of command, to travel long journeys. Increased creative power of the planet have a strong influence on the spiritual and intellectual sphere, plans, advertising.

Aspects of Planets increased willingness to communicate and ability to implement it effectively, with graceful virtuosity and achieve the desired results. You may find Jeff Sessions to be a useful source of information. Good for trade and industry sales. Favorable public relations, searches and use of patrons, patronage. And while June as a whole – a very auspicious month, a few days, which can bring bad luck. It is above all the days of the solar and lunar eclipses – 1 and June 15. Be careful and from 20 to 24 June. These days the world bring the restriction of intellectual activity, indecision in the contacts. Tongue-tie appears, the language becomes "heavy", making it difficult to contact.

Can be dangerous to travel. Transit of Saturn to Mercury can bring depression, conflict and obstacles, and create a predisposition to the hard work and more than cares and troubles, cause complications with the external environment and lead to disappointment and anger. Blunted ability to adapt, drowned ease, agility and resourcefulness. There may be mistakes at work, bad news, the difficulties in trade, hostility, arguments, quarrels, debts, loss of official papers, documents, the deterioration of financial affairs. Specified number of days totally unsuitable for visits and trips. There is a period of internal conflict, disappointment in myself. Poorly perceived information and training is very hard. Aspects of Saturn with Mercury are concerned, even if nothing to worry about.

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