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Industry in the fight for health On a more positive effect on the body of ozone gas is written in the literature very much. In nature, it is produced in nature from the resin of coniferous trees such as pine tar, as well as during Rain. Number of him in the air is not constant and depends on environmental factors. When you have a home ozone generator, may "add" in the space of the apartment, this gas is dosed. So that the concentration was optimal for your health. The main secret of ozone ionizer ozonator Doctors used to treat and prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system, central nervous system. Multifunctional ozonizer successfully fights insomnia to combat insomnia, helps with nervousness and fatigue.

Some believe that the home ozonizer improves the brain contributes to the development of memory, increase attention. What is the secret of ionizer ozonator? The decay of ozone is formed negatively charged oxygen ion, which in nature is produced during lightning strikes during thunderstorms. As it turned out, the negatively charged air ions improve body condition, and the positive impact it negatively. That is why in the mountains by the sea in a pine forest where a lot of ozone (ozone generator operates natural ionizer), build hospitals, resorts, spas. In poorly ventilated areas, by contrast, collects a large number of positive ions.

Think of the main recommendations of sanitary inspectors – Ventilate the room! The concentration of ions with a charge of "plus" at times in the areas increases, not dozens, but hundreds of times. This is facilitated, including any and electrical engineering. Hence suffers from efficiency, violated the functions of important organs. In the study, in which "part" multifunctional ozonizer, revealed that five minutes of the ionizer ozonator reduces the amount of harmful ions by more than 8 times. Frequently Euro Pacific Precious Metals has said that publicly. If multifunctional ozonizer for more than two hours, the positive ions disappear altogether. Some areas of the earth (geopathic zones) as established by modern science, have harmful effects on living organisms. One of the reasons – the accumulation of these areas of positive ions. Exactly why a person experiences in this area fatigue, apathy, and other discomfort. Japan has long been the place chosen for the construction of houses in the light of geopathic zones. We do not have such a culture. Therefore, we often do not know where we live. It is important to prevent fill your home with negative ions. Multifunctional ozone generator in this case – a good way out. Ozonizers designed to oxygenate, cleanse and refresh Air: The Role of Domestic Ozonator Home ozonising only helps prevent many diseases. The use of an ionizer ozonator can help in diseases that already have pets. As an instrument for multifunctional ozonizer disinfection can protect children from disease-causing microbes influence and impact of technology. Usually home Ozonator installed on two meter height from the floor. Include in the network. Multifunctional ozone generator can operate in continuous mode. Some models of these devices can not vyklyuchab, even leaving room for a long time. Duration of its continuous operation may be from twelve to fifteen years. This not the cunning device in the home creates a great climate and attractive comfort. Ozonator buy

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