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We live among the people. As it happens +. And based on that – for all of us pressing question of communication with others. Communication allows each of us very much. For example, if we did not communicate with others, did not cooperate, did not engage in contractual relationships, each of us had to be […]

Soul Company

In my professional organizer holidays I often have to present the services of restaurateurs, artists, musicians, photographers, videographers and, of course, lead. Surprisingly, my words: ‘Meet Your toaster is’ often is more interest than all of these professions, and not only through an understanding of the importance of the lead at the ceremony. Sometimes you […]

Hiring Home Help

In our country, especially in large cities, has long been the existence of a country house and several cars per family is practically the norm. And the fact that you hire a nanny to work, a governess or a servant, not be able to give elite status. Use of domestic staff in Moscow are not […]

Speech System

The principle of accessibility and personalization provides age-appropriate and opportunities for people with speech impairments. It is caused by different development of physiology and biomechanics of adults and children with different methodical approach to building logoritmicheskogo studies, by different means, forms and effects etc. The optimal measure of access is determined by age and motor […]


However, your corporate party New Year can be carried out in a very unexpected place, on which your holiday will become a truly fabulous! Country holiday home, guest house, resort … as well as any other place of your choice! Corporate New Year should be where you want to just you. 2. We offer you […]

Results Partner

Now, when you have new knowledge, the initiative must come from you. But your partner's acquaintance with the rules of the game, no doubt, have a positive impact on its quality. Let's start to attract partner to your business. Traditionally, I will describe the proposed solution in the form of my consecutive steps. Step 1. […]

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