Patenting Intellectual Property

We have a new innovative product, what to do next? Decide about patenting our ideas. Patenting process consists of procedures for patent searches, drafting patent applications, filing a patent application on registration in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patent, that is, filing a patent application in Rospatent, followed by registration of a patent application with the assignment number, date, origin, and final, the final decision on whether or not to patent. The decision to grant or refuse a patent takes an individual federal employee, and he takes a decision based purely on personal experience. Of solutions and conclusion of the employee’s dependent, you get a patent or not. Okay, I ran a little forward.

We begin from the beginning. First, a patent search, which is held before a decision on patenting. Peter Schiff oftentimes addresses this issue. To perform a patent search need to go to the site of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property and on the basis of future technology to check patentability. It seems that nothing is difficult, but for someone the first time confronted with a search for any some difficulties, for example, need to search for the top ten advanced countries, to check the novelty of the patent. For example, if you will not have difficulty with English-language base, then such a base to check the Japanese you will not you can, or I do not guess. Okay, go ahead, we tested the purity of our patent ideas, check the patentability of our ideas, the possibility of patenting abroad.

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