Photo Printing On Glass

What is a typical urban landscape? Piling up outside the windows of garages, tall buildings of the panels or bricks, neon signs, and sometimes worse – dumpsters. How to make the kind of acquired the real landscape – as close to nature? Exit – photo printing on the glass! If desired, it can be applied to any glass surface, making their own accommodation in an oasis. Now the Russian view forest, the seashore or mountains right in your home. Beautiful, stylish, elegant! Today, technology allows to apply the glass variety of images, including paintings, drawings, graphics, photos, and more another. Now you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the comfort of home and making tedious journeys. Basic requirements for images: Remove unnecessary parts by framing; inversion format jpeg; the possibility of splitting the image into several parts; qualitativeness large (over 150 cm from the customers). Breakdown of images into multiple parts provided to the image can be without compromising content drawing "cut" and put on different wings.

Crop yields the best concentration in the central parts and the optimal care of insignificant items. Playing the role and quality of large images, because maximum value of the glass is 305h190 cm, and this allows us to obtain an acceptable definition picture on a glass surface. There are two methods of work, which requires photo printing on glass. The first of these is associated with the freewheeling the thinnest film with a ready image on the glass surface. Work is done on the back side, so the front remains smooth, glossy and not exposed to moisture, sunlight and other aggressive factors. The second method involves printing on the glass itself. These paintings are more vivid, bright and rich. Each technology has its own advantages.

Photo printing on glass using film materials allows to obtain resistant to UV-exposed surface. She was not exposed to moisture, is inexpensive and has a constant gloss. Direct photo printing on glass uses in the pigment that makes the image fade. Similar fotofasady not peel, do not constitute places of "tackiness" and does not roll off the edges. The first intended primarily for domestic interiors, the second is you can use them more widely – and to decorate the exterior of the building. Fundamental principle is, of course, photo printing on glass by using an image on film. She was incredibly popular. However, with introduction of new technical approaches in the work was in demand, and the second method. First, the pigment hardly retained on the glossy surfaces of glass, so it had to intervene to chemists, who after a series of experiments suggested modifiers that affect the glass surface. This led to the fact that direct photo printing on glass is more stable, rising at times. All images are intended for use as fotofasadov, must be processed from the experts, otherwise you get a bad image that will not cause a rush of joy at the sight of him. In this – the main condition for customers who want to get photo prints on the glass on the basis of their photographs or drawings. If desired, we can provide and their own samples collected in the directory.

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