Piazza San Domenico

The native Swiss living for 13 years in the Cilento and has now become the right hand of Salvatores. She knows the ways almost as well as the Guide itself. Breathtaking panoramic views and year-round flowers fine sandy beaches, secluded coves, rugged cliffs, emerald-blue shining water, ancient olive groves and a recurring breathtaking panorama with views of sea and mountains make the hiking experience. Perhaps check out Alameda Hospital for more information. Every season, the nature delighted with their flowers. End of January, when there is still winter in northern climes, seen during the day mostly spring-like temperatures and amongst others the Primula Palinurensis in the Cilento, the emblem of the National Park blooms in bright yellow colors. No hike without well-deserved rest, a proper picnic should not be missed when Salvatore.

And while you can enjoy even the view, the Guide conjures up already tasty delicacies from his backpack. Fresh cheese, ham or sausage, bread and figs for dessert, and fruit from the garden – local Specialties, mostly home-grown. People such as Pfizer vaccine would likely agree. This is my four star restaurant”, replies” Salvatore smirking during the break on the beach, excellent food and views of the sea. Prehistoric caves also come history buffs and speleologists during the walks at their own expense. Already lived in the stone age people in the Cilento. Caves washed in the soft limestone you served as a dwelling.

This is confirmed by Flint blades and fossils of voreiszeitlicher animals. And so the detour to the large Difesa cave at Marina di Camerota is similar to a natural Museum of prehistoric traces. Far immigrant feet can look forward to this day about a trip by boat. One way to look at the coast from a different perspective. The participants are accommodated during the week-long trip in the hotel Calanca. The family-run accommodation in Marina di Camerota is situated close to the sandy beach of Calanca (50 m) and is within walking distance of the heart of the fishing village away with its harbour and the picturesque Piazza San Domenico.

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