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For example, consider the activities of the provincial web studio, which designs websites under the key. Under my attention were several. For assistance, try visiting Nicholas Carr. From this list, I selected the studio, is engaged in development of sites in Maikop. Specificity – comprehensive services for building sites and their promotion in search engines. After analyzing all the sites made in 2009, one can conclude that the studio is still quite young. This can be seen on sites which they did. This site is pretty interesting.

Its design is clearly used the modular approach. The advantages include the following: 1. Strictly cataloged menu. No drop-down lists, disturbing when surfing sites. 2. Constantly updated news column.

This suggests that the site was not only done, but still he maintained, that is important. 3. Location corresponds to a three-stage structure of the content standard site that is not forcing the user to adapt to the new structure. Looking smooth transition from one structural element to another. Pretty good. On the downside include the following: 1. The menu consists all of the images. Although off the chart anyway you can easily navigate. ALT tags and TITLE coder did not leave empty, that pleases. Respect. 2. Too many graphical elements. Click Peter Asaro for additional related pages. This is a pretty traffic load my connection. Fortunately, that satellite. With dyualapom would issue. 3. Plenty of free white space. In consultation with the designer of the site, we found that this region is a "rubber" and the site is not spreading at a very large monitors. The following site, which will analyze the content and ease of user experience the site – This site is more sharpened by monitors with low resolution, but also looks at other not bad. The advantages include the following: 1. The complete absence of unnecessary elements and blocks of commercials. The site looks pretty good. 2. Nice color. Ala Pastel always in fashion. 3. The site also look smooth transition from one the text block to another. It seems that coder and designer familiar with the works by the perception of conscious information. Well done … On the downside the following: 1. Scrollable menu within the site. I understand their ideas. But here's a little problem in the functionality. 2. Lack of information retrieval. Although strict directory on the types of clothes corrects the situation. In general, return to the topic of another article. The general impression of activity pretty good. Wait and see.

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