Public Transport

You already heard to speak in this Today you used the public transport of Salvador. The celebrity buzu. Lastimvel the public transport of this city. What I caught, for example, quanta dust, how much racket. The hardware seemed to want to disarrange itself. In the entrance one does not see eyes in the collector.

The famous obligation of the daily work threads the people in so distant acts of the interpessoalidade that, if was an electronic ratchet there, for me would have effect the same. Good, I followed hearing in the MP3 the passionals musics of the Mexican group Manna. How many echoed pretty words to the sound of the Spanish prosdia Taste to always admire the city in all its aspects. I am boasted with those you beach a ship ornando each cantinho of house hung in the steepest roofs. I confess that it has beauty it are of the beauty hall. Arriving in Ondina, I started to aim the Atlantic. A selling young woman of empadas, asks for the point.

She makes commotions as who wants to call attention and goes down. In this a youngster in a chair of very simple wheels wants to go up in the bus. At that moment I stopped of looking at the blue one of ocean and finquei the eyes in the youngster. The collector was soon saying that the elevator of the bus was a nastiness and it always gave problem. Some people go up, it she passes I change and the youngster there to it to the wait of the elevator. He mutters and of some steps in direction to the central door without believing much that would go to help the cadeirante. In that hour all in the bus already looked at the situation. The youngster, already without skill, waits patiently. He is well-known that the collector does not know to move in that one engenhoca.

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