Pump Water

On the other hand, it requires a larger diameter pipes (which are expensive) and difficult to configure. It is a delayed action and reduced heat dissipation. Still, such systems continue to apply. For heating houses today often use a system with forced circulation of water through the pump. Increased speed movement of water in the pumping system can be equipped with its gryazesbornikom, deaerator water, closed expansion tank, shut-off valves for regulating the risers, and other devices that significantly improve the quality of the entire heating system. The advantage of the pumping system – independent temperature control devices in different rooms and rapid warming devices. But its disadvantages are also connected to the pump.

First, the pumps operate at high temperature and are prone to breakage. But the main thing – the system ceases to supply heat during a power failure (and they have almost inevitable). Drain water, restart, and then freezing the system in the cold – quite real prospects for long-term absence of stress. Any type of countermeasures double pumps, emergency power source, etc., require additional attention to the boiler and the additional costs. The gravitational pressure occurs in the pumping system.

It manifests itself in the fact that it violates the work is stronger or weaker, depending on how interconnected risers, mains and pipes to movable devices, ie, Depending on the circuit wiring devices of the system. These schemes account for more than a dozen. They are divided into two groups: one pipe and two pipe circuits.

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