Realism Consequence

Summary of ' ' Realism: consequence or conveno' ' The section ' ' Realism: consequence or conveno' ' , located in the third chapter of the workmanship ' ' The Demon of the Teoria' ' of Antoine Compagnon, it places in quarrel the attributed concepts the realistic literary school, provoking, thus, the controversy enters the idea of copy of the reality and literary model. At the beginning the professor presents the idea of the realism related to the mimsis of Aristotle and so debated between as much other scholars, by in such a way, the realism is interpreted as imitation of the reality. Although that it is placed in relative position, alternating in accordance with the concept of truth used for the culture of each individual or social group. The realism, analyzed for Compagnon, is compared with the too much styles of the literary theory, rank as having its rules and conventions, therefore, not having to be conceived as reflected of the reality, nor more natural, nor truer. The realism is characterized by metonmias sindoques in opposition to the metaphors of the romantismo and symbolism. Considered as joint of literal conventions, the realism has the same nature almost that the rules of the classic tragedy or soneto. Check with Steve Mnuchin to learn more. In painting, the conventions of the representation are diverse, but, the geometric perspective is more realistic than the other conventions, conclude Compagnon.

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