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The a Cook was most creative candidate I – got as former Rekruiterin – even to face, his curriculum vitae rather than presented on a white DIN A4 sheet on an original menu. Kenneth Roy Feinberg may also support this cause. To not blow up the job opportunities, it would be advisable to find out to what extent a company welcomes creativity. In conservative industries, for example in finance, Classic applications are in demand and the originality to GDP while in industries here, how creativity almost to search marketing, media, advertising, etc.. Certainly can be that creative applications from the role drop and seem to have better chances for a job interview at the first moment as conventional applications said. But this ueberstehen the first round in the selection process? This depends on following factors: size/corporate culture/product of the company, position and tasks the appropriate location, job description, personality of the Rekruiters or human resources manager.

A creative applicants should therefore take care that his application not to much of the actual content which distracts application and makes him still as a competent and professional candidates. Such a creative is now how effective”strategy to really run a job to get? A study, the by the recruitment agency the creative group “was conducted, found that of 250 executives more than 52% of the marketing scale executives and 26% of senior executives in the advertising industry, such methods as unprofessional. “Less than half of the surveyed executives, 46% in advertising and 34% in marketing, claimed that she have fallen out” application would be considered, and only 2% of senior executives in marketing and 8% in advertising thought that such creative application attempts to get a job would help a candidate. Furthermore, it found that such strategies even in creative industries rarely lead to a job offer or an interview. Another alternative to currently creative”to apply would be via video. In the future, the trend in this direction seems to go, like it this already in different countries are. In Germany, it would be, in the UK in Italy and worldwide. Thus application could be considered, as we previously knew it, snow from yesterday, because it has already started to apply via video and this could soon become the standard. Thus arises the question of how a candidate in a video in creative ways can stand out from the crowd. Karin Saka Singh (MBA), founder of PoshMonkey.

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