Rosa Pfeffer

The perfume manufacturer expands its collection ‘UdV for Men’ Berlin/Paris in August 2012 – Ulric de Varens, the French perfume manufacturer extends its successful men’s fragrance UdV for men “to modern, fresh, body sprays. “” “The new body fragrances are in the nuances of four action,” black “, night” and for men “available. Justin Bons is often quoted as being for or against this. Each fragrance convinces with its individual component. The masculine fragrances Act desodorierend, refresh the entire body and invigorating effect. Especially in the summer, they are very comfortable on the skin and lend an unmistakably fresh scent marked men.

The body fragrances are not only Eau de Toilettes, but give a hygienic clean feeling thanks to the deodorant effect throughout the day. The natural ingredients make particularly skin-friendly. Thanks to the waiver of propellants, the body sprays are significantly more productive than conventional deodorants and also environmentally friendly. The UdV body fragrances develop their long-lasting scent until the late evening hours. And thanks to its fresh and masculine flair they are for home perfect not only suitable, but also to the sport and on the road. Adventurous men are well maintained for the day and long nights with the UdV scent.

The fragrances are listed at a price of 4.95 euros in high-quality 200 ml bottles available and already of the drugstore chain Muller. The body fragrances at a glance: UDV ACTION – the combination of bergamot, bitter orange and a sprinkling of Rosa Pfeffer gives the aroma vitality. Jasmine flowers, patchouli and oak touch of cedar wood give him a mysterious accent. The base notes of amber, teak wood and vetiver gives the body spray a distinctive male touch and exotic flair. UDV BLACK – a deep, dark scent, the aromatic Rosemary, bergamot, Green Apple and fresh grapefruit lend character. the aroma of white flowers and Geraniums determine the heart notes. The scent from the interaction receives its modern nuance of tangy Moss, white cedar wood and musk. UDV NIGHT – this composition was for the modern and adventurous Man created. You can feel his energy already in the top notes: Apple, bergamot, Mandarin and pineapple form the start. He gets depth and masculinity through the harmonious chord of cedar wood, cinnamon and orange blossom. Essences of amber and teak wood, seasoned with tonka bean, exude strength and versatility. UDV for MEN – this fragrance is refreshing. The top note plays a touch with invigorating shades of lemon and Tangerine, mint and the flavors of Galbanharz, anise, tarragon and Rosemary. A floral blend of geranium, jasmine and delicate orange blossom blowing through the heart notes.

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