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Also appeared quite a lot of these producers operators, which comes exclusively on the quality of the board. As a consequence of competition between wild and are not able to directly enter the Moscow market. In these circumstances, "the Armenian version of 'got his' Second Life' in literally – on 1km of the Kiev highway, where the price of lumber does not exceed 4,200 rubles. for 1m3. The bulk of the sellers, and owners of small – This is a guest of Russia or Russians had already settled. Sold all at home having the opportunity to trade here in Moscow are engaged simply a hoax. T.

to the earned this money should be taken in the Moscow apartment, paying crazy rents in the market and support a family, which moved the content to the provider. Get a normal job in Moscow with a salary of 60-80t. rub. these gentlemen simply do not have a chance because some do not Citizens of the Russian Federation, and many do have a wild akktsent. 60 tons now. exactly as you want to earn in Moscow to survive the large family of 4-6 people. To promote business in 4 times. Their desire for a normal and dignified life is completely understandable.

Based on this in the Moscow market of lumber can be very easy to distinguish, dealers, from a major manufacturer and supplier. It's simple – it's value for lumber and size, since the guide for sales is still a secular-Standard (in the calculation of 1m3, the number and size of boards in 1m3) I can safely claim as a producer, the price in Moscow cut timber quality napilennogo according to the size of gost 8486-86 with an ideal geometry can not be below 4,900 rubles per 1 m3. For large amounts of 100m3, and more than 4700 usd per 1m3. Otherwise, it will be called 'HUMANITARIAN' or 'DAMAGES'. Our craftsmen have to feed their family and live a decent life too. everything below this price is air! Hunted it Resellers! Largest producer of vendor, into the open do not like to be, since in the wild competition, loss of reputation is the loss of customer, which is worse losing money. Damage from trade 'Armenian version' appreciated sufficiently many small and large construction sites in Moscow. Planks and beams purchased under the formwork on the cheap as 50mm and 100mm is actually 43-45mm and 90-95mm can not withstand the load assigned to them poured concrete or crumbling trenches cracking and breaking as matches. Concrete and clay tends to deep trench sweeping away everything that gets in their way. I have known cases where it is due to the 'Armenian version' (2007, Plant AZLK-formwork collapsed, killing 2 people) killed people. In fact, many such emergency. Because of the prof. Ethics, I will not enumerate and describe them, because some construction projects have gone through it and are our clients. Such state of emergency may continue until there is a price 4000 – 4200 rubles. for 1m3, banal human greed, not market knowledge and the desire to save money, the professional connivance Tech. supervision, and literacy procurers.

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