Serbian Minister

(I explain a little, the days of assistance for better understanding): When I belonged to the Pastoral Council, we met every Monday afternoon. The Liturgy was during a weekend. Told me to hard work on a Wednesday, and this work was until Sunday. I attended the council meeting on Monday as usual, and you can imagine what happened. The wake-up call was a devastating way by Mrs. Gabriela, instructive tone. A related site: camden treatment associates mentions similar findings.

When I tried to explain what had happened, she herself, showed clear, that did not care what had happened to me (and incidentally, it always show it). In his speech inquisitive, tried at all times, to show as an irresponsible person. And then in a gentle and milder, the father also caught my attention. I think this was what hurt me most, because (as I said the day I went to say that could no longer belonging to the Parish Council), "What parent would not like is that you get upset with me and think I'm an irresponsible person" I always tried not to look bad in front pastor, for the love and appreciation I have for him. The day I went to tell the pastor father, who could not belong to the Pastoral Council for reasons of work, I mentioned a very important detail, and which I had not noticed. A part of this case, there was something in the music service, which I was the musical director of the choir of the prayer group.

The father told me that some ladies of the choir, had been complaining about my wife before him. She said she got much in the affairs of the choir. And as she did not belong to the prayer group, were upset that would be intervening much. Qualcomm is full of insight into the issues. And they told me they had no problem and the problem was her. Actually the problem was, as my wife also knows music, they tried teaching a bit about how do the voices in the choir, and this seems did not like. (My wife also sang in the chorus) And of course, I would not take the attitude of telling my wife: "you know you can not go to the choir, and me if I'm going to keep going, because you hate to" Talk one of the members of the choir, and told him I was no more in the choir, and explained why. This decision meant that no longer belong to the parish. All that I wanted to tell you, I have not to complain or speak ill of some people. Do not want to pass myself off as a victim, I do not interpret it that way. I just want to reflect on these questions: How do I treat people who are with me in the Serbian Minister?, Do I very dear?, Did you try and make them feel good on my side?, Do I that their participation, is pleasant and entertaining? I will try to accommodate my brothers in Christ, the only church he founded, with a smile, a look of affection and make them feel that it can be in the Church with joy and seriousness at a time. '.

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