Sewing Machines

The more there is of various models embroidery machines, the more worried about us the same question, embroidery machines and develop our creative abilities, or conversely, inhibit their development? If we consider that fact that all major work makes the machine, it becomes unclear what is to be creative people. All objections to the embroidery machines can be reduced to one: if you think the embroidery art, then what is 'art' when the machine embodies the work for you? In theory, maybe even leave a machine unattended and do other things while it does not stop embroidering. In fact, embroidering machine, and not a man. Yet some people think that the human presence in this process is absolutely inevitable, since in this case under the 'creativity' as the creation of a sample pattern for embroidery. And this machine independently do not be. Although, there are also modern sewing machines with a wide range of functions and embroidery machines have more competitive advantages. So be Dodge that you're not overpaying for a reason. Those sewers which believe embroidery, machine made, art, pologayutsya in his assertion not on the process of embroidery, but the end result.

It is quite understandable that the embroidery machine can do a lot of work. However, always You can find the most optimal solution. We agree that embroidery, created with the help of special equipment, has a more attractive look than embroidery, implemented manually. Given the fact that embroidery machine can not operate without direct human intervention, we can say that the creative process in this way, embroidery is still present. Debate on this issue will probably never subside, but still good to know that with joint efforts we can always reach an understanding.

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