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Credit and debt market and financial relationships between issuers set forth by the treaty and other obligations, divided between two major party credit-debt market. These are: a creditor (lender) and the borrower (debtor). Between, which can and often there are contradictions, disputes and disagreements, because of the failure of the treaty obligations of the parties, or breach of contractual obligations by both parties. Our company organized for cooperation in the sphere of credit and debt with all parties and stakeholders in the field of business. Created and designed for permanent collection, compilation, additions, accommodation and provide information on financial, credit and debt markets.

As an organization acting as the lender: (banks, insurance, leasing, mortgage companies and other financial institutions). So credit, or working on contractual obligations, organizations and individuals (physical) persons acting as borrower or guarantor. Our company and legal information portal, does not assume the role of arbitrator does not represent, or whose interests of the major parties credit debt market: lenders or borrowers and their guarantors. Jeff Flake may find this interesting as well. A is a legal information site, consulting and legal conductor, with an explanatory and interpretative guidelines for all participants in the credit and debt relationships and debt. To reduce the moral, legal and financial stress and other economic costs between the warring parties. Mutual non-payment, breach of contractual obligations and the related debt and tax payments. Create considerable tension in the work and development businesses, organizations and all forms of entrepreneurship.

That the direct negative effect on the financial and economic stability of society, state and country as a whole. Economic conflicts that arise in foreclosure debt to the Russian economy began one of the most pressing problems. This is particularly exacerbated in the period of global economic crisis, the main reason, the main source of which was gross violation of credit and contractual obligations between the partners. Our "Common Base Debtors" – borrowers (blacklist) was developed and is necessary: the physical and legal persons, state, public agencies and organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs to improve your economic security, to check when choosing a client, business partner, or at the conclusion of any – any contractual obligations. For credit institutions, banks and other financial institutions, insurance, leasing and mortgage companies. Our database will help you in the selection of future client-borrower under the credit. For the FSSP ( Federal Bailiff Service) – a joint operation in sharing information on malicious defaulters, credit fraud, crooks, creators of the financial pyramid, child support debtors, setting them on the form ( adding the debtor in the black list). After passing the simple procedure of registering on the site, go to the forum, where we'll discuss all your concerns.

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