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Google AdWords recently announced that it will not accept more advertisers sending direct traffic to a landing page designed to capture prospects. For this giant of the Internet, this type of maneuvers is not seen with good eyes, reason why are informing advertisers who perform this kind of actions, the breach of the terms of service and are requesting the modification of your campaign, or more drastic yet, are proceeding to account lockout of life; all of this regardless of the amount of money invested. They can be millions of dollars, simply the economic aspect, which you believe is the most important to them, they do not account. So care: no open prospecting in Google AdWords accounts, since they could be losing more than what one can imagine. At this crossroads what do?, there are two options, the first, create other types of web pages from landing to rely on 100% of Google AdWords.

Although There campaigns can be modified so that they are not pointing to that page in particular, the prospect can leave even much more expensive. The second option is to advertise in other platforms on which this Yes is allowed and seen with good eyes. So Google, although it is the most important search engine, the largest and the most widely used, is not the only one where you can hire advertising. There are Yahoo! Network, Microsoft’s Bing platform, and even Facebook. With respect to this last, today it is very easy to mount campaigns there, it has the great advantage of further segmenting advertising with the options of profiles that are really required. Lesson: do not put all the eggs in the same basket.

The basket falls and breaks all the eggs; We must diversify. And this diversification, even though it is a topic that is very normal in the field of investments, bag and all, is something that has to be applied to all aspects of the business. We must diversify the sources of traffic. More than one product must be in Internet, multiple services, multiple offers. If you have only a product and overnight overnight not return him to buy, sales fall to zero. Publicitemos, not only in search engines, not just Google, not just in one to another forum, not only a strategic alliance. The idea is to have multiple strategic alliances, several payment options. If only PayPal is accepted, we are leaving out all those who want to pay with a credit card. If we do not offer credit cards and reduce purchase options only via telephone, will be losing many sales could be carried out in real time. So this is the recommendation, and provided that advertising on Google AdWords or wherever, we are aware of the changes in the policies of all these companies. Because what you do today may be perfectly legal and valid with respect to the terms of service, but may already tomorrow already it is not.

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