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Carlos Mora Vanegas Venezuelan management should be located more in the reality of the competitive requirements, determine that many enterprises, especially SMEs, lacking a culture of total quality, what this represents in the successful operation of any company. You must delve into that enterprise a genuine philosophy of total quality, that is a fact embodies modern management, professionals thoroughly identified with her, capable of generating the transformations that are required to ensure productivity, costs, quality of the products or services offered. But what is the total quality?, some define it as a philosophy of performance within a company, understood as a process systemic, permanent and continuous improvement, involving the entire organization in the pursuit and implementation of creative and innovative, high value-added, forms of labour which exceed the needs and expectations of the client and the community in the coverage, delivery and impact of products or services. There are those who define the Total quality as a result of the continuous effort of all who comprise an organisation and which are associated to it eternally in their search joint to retain customers and attract those of their competitors. Their definitions are determined their scope, impact and as Mario Morales points out, taking into account the contributions of Philip B. Crosby, who manifested the importance of encouraging people to establish improvement goals for itself and its groups, establish a program of recognition for those who achieve their objective of quality, dedication to find what are the requirements and needs of customers for all valid, coverage of the entire company in quality management, quality education and the emphasis on the prevention of defects, a continuous supply of information, education and training to employees about their work, clear policies. For his part, Edwards w. Deming said. It is necessary to raise awareness of the purpose of the improvement of product and service, elimination of the company’s whole issue that prevents employees work effectively in it, remove the barriers faced by the line worker with your right to feel pride in their work, instituting a vigorous program of education and re-training, form a structure in upper management that ensures every day that meet the 14 points of the quality plan, in relation to the total quality long-term planning.

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