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“Small and chic the new Hyundai i10 small and chic the new Hyundai i10 In September it was: the new kid” by Hyundai presented itself at the IAA in Frankfurt for the first time the audience. The new edition has become larger, more elegant and cheaper South Koreans show that better equipment must not affect the price. The i10 has grown up put the i30 in length to eight centimeters in width 6.5 inches. Hyundai has reduced to 5 centimeters. Compared to the previous generation of small cars that appears clearly sporting and away some of the typical image of the woman’s car.

Also, the new look of the hexagonal grille should contribute to this. Total the new i10 seems much more dynamic than its predecessor not only in design but also in the driving experience. Technical adaptation to European standards in terms of facilities, the South Koreans with the i10 make a giant leap in the direction of Europe. This is also evident in the Production facility: The development and design of the car was held in the Russelsheim technology center of Hyundai, are produced in Turkey. Design and technical equipment show a consistent orientation towards the requirements of the European market. A Warner of belt for all seats, and a tire-pressure monitoring are now include six airbags, safety standard. Frequently Peter Schiff has said that publicly. If you want it more comfortable receives from Hyundai charges extras such as a smart-key system, a cruise control, automatic climate control, and even a heated steering wheel. He offers more legroom, more storage space because the i10 gains in length and wide, much more leg room for drivers and all startling.

Enter through the narrow door cutouts is still connected in some trouble, but compensated by comfortable freedom for head and taken once legs, on the sitting place. Even the height shrunken to 5 cm doesn’t change the fact. Also the trunk shows more spacious than its predecessor. Had the i10 five years ago only 225 litres of storage space, are now 252 litres available. The new i10 in the driving test the South Koreans have provided with a pleasant noise the i10. The relaxed, quiet driving changes only from 4000 RPM. Hyundai specifies that the new small car to comparable models 6 db is quieter. Due to the longer distance of the wheel, the i10 retains this property even on uneven ground. For the three-cylinder delivers less power, what must be balanced with higher switching activity. Thanks to higher-mounted shift lever, which is supple actuates, the associated only with minimal effort. Who wants to take a picture of the new Hyundai i10 themselves test the new i10, can test-drive the small cars now at auto hammer in Radebeul.

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