Speech System

The principle of accessibility and personalization provides age-appropriate and opportunities for people with speech impairments. It is caused by different development of physiology and biomechanics of adults and children with different methodical approach to building logoritmicheskogo studies, by different means, forms and effects etc. The optimal measure of access is determined by age and motor abilities of persons with speech disorders, speech disorders impact on their personality and degree of difficulty of tasks. One of the conditions of availability a succession of motor, verbal and musical tasks. Practically this is achieved by proper distribution of material in the classroom for remedial courses.

The sequential assimilation of different verbal-musical-motor coordination and overcome difficulties, patients develop the ability to coordinate and improve all motor and Speech System. Increasing demands then leads to positive results when the associated load manageable patient, do not exceed the functionality of an organism, ie, correspond to the age and individual needs. A necessary condition for the principle of individuation is a preliminary clarification of the nature of the pathological process: etiopathogenetic, symptomatic, diagnostic examinations, as well as clarification rehabilitation potential of the course. Individual approach would also record the type of higher nervous activity, age, sex, occupation, status of the motor. The principle of a gradual increase in claims determines the setting before dealing with more challenging new tasks: motor, musical and verbal. In the process of their implementation to broaden and enrich the volume of motor skills, improved arbitrary speech and motor skills, normalize the tempo and rhythm of speech in accordance with a given musical tempo and rhythm. The transition to new jobs being implemented gradually, as the consolidation of emerging skills.

Required some time to the motor area of the child (adult) occurred adaptive adjustment to help him adjust and speech activity. All the guidelines can be obschedidakticheskie implemented only if their relationship. Specific principles.

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